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Singers return

Former front men Chris McKelvey and Dale 'George Michael' Owens have confirmed that they will appear at the Flax and Firkin for a One Night Stand at a date yet to be confirmed date February 2000.

They have asked for everyone to be there for this emotional musical extravaganza.

The former regulars will perform one last gig before departing for a world tour this coming March. The tour in which they have incorporated new but untested band members should last for most of the year. Fans looking tickets should have no real problems getting hold of them.

The Firkin gig is pencilled to start at 8.30pm sharp but will more likely be a 9.45pm kick-off. Apologies go out to all those waiting in the Flax but it is a situation beyond our control with a prior sing-song in the bedroom of member Mr Dave Budd.

The gig is expected to be a sell-out but when pressed on what the fans can expect from him on that particular night Mckelvey was keeping his cards close to his chest. However analysts predict that Ronan Keating will be involved at some point during the evening.

However Dale Owens who at the time of interview was sniffing the bottom of a pint glass was only to happy to reveal that "Chuffs" would be sung yet he did not reveal if that will be a duet with member Richard Whelband or Mr President himself. George Blackwell.

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